Doing the museum windowwashing

When you’re gonna watch som art it´s imperative to have good lighting. And natural lighting is by far the best. That’s why so many artist choose to work in attic studios. An attic window is the best lightsource you can get. And you want it to point in the right direction so that you never get direct sunlight but only the ambient daylight with it’s wonderfully even distribution. The same rules applies for museums. You want a lot of windows to get as much light as possible from the outside and then enhance it with spotlights for the dramatic touch. But a lot of windows is offcourse a pain to maintain, especially those close to the ceiling as the are high up and hard to clean. For that job you need professionals. Söder om Söder städ och fönsterputs in Sweden is doing a lot of museum windowwashing and we have consulted with them to create our own inhouse windowcleaning team. That way we can keep our windows shiny at all times and at the same time our costs down. Our windowcleaning guys also does other cleaning so they’re not slacking around between cleanings.   So if you´re ever considering moving to stockholm you can call those guys. They will also help you with flyttstädning an all other types of cleaning.

Happy art looking…

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Parenting at the museum

Exposing kids to art and culture is incredibly important and will shape them for their entire life. Making them richer in spirit. As schools these days have severe gaps in their education of the arts this is something we as parents must take care of. Art history is just as important as all other history the way I see it. There are guides to simplicity parenting to be downloaded as pdf.